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BWell is Bracewell’s well-being program. Launched in 2019, BWell is a holistic program that promotes and sustains healthy work-life integration by focusing on four pillars of well-being:

  • mental well-being
  • physical well-being
  • financial well-being
  • community

Lawyers and staff enjoy quarterly programming that explores one of these themes in great detail. Recent presentations have included:

  • Acclimating in a World Changed by COVID — Dr. Jonathan Stevens, The Menninger Clinic
  • Cunning, Baffling, Powerful: The Biggest Foe Is Not Opposing Counsel (#StopMindingYourOwnBusiness) — Terry Bentley Hill, attorney and consultant
  • Mental Health and Well-Being in the Age of Coronavirus and Beyond — Patrick Krill, Krill Strategies
  • Mental Health in a COVID World — Dr. Jonathan Stevens, The Menninger Clinic
  • Nutrition and Immune Health — Robert Anding, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders in the Legal Profession; Fostering Well-Being in Challenging Times — Lisa Smith, Lisa Smith Advisory
  • Take Control of Your Financial Life — Jill Schlesinger, CBS

In addition to the speaker series, local offices host “talk into action” activities, such as mental health first aid trainings, nutrition education, healthy cooking tips, fitness challenges, charity walks and fun runs, and gratitude cards.

Bracewell is among the leading law firms, corporate legal departments and law schools that have signed the ABA’s Well-Being Pledge, recognizing substance use and mental health issues as significant challenges for the legal profession.